April 7, 2016 Photo Gallery

Boise city is continuing work on the Greenbelt from Americana to Main St on the south side. The rising river inundated new willow plantings just downstream of Americana. Photo Liz Paul
Works continues on the new section of the Greenbelt. There was a lot of land and floodplain disturbance below Americana, and hundreds of willows were planted as mitigation. Photo by Liz Paul
The new section of Greenbelt starts in Ann Morrison Park and the City has completed this new bridge over the Settler’s Canal. The new Greenbelt will be open later in 2016. Photo Liz Paul
The Settler’s diversion dam just upstream of Americana becomes a death trap at these high flows. Photo by Liz Paul


Irrigation season has started and Mason Creek in Caldwell is filled with mud. This is the confluence with the Boise River. Photo Liz Paul
The Boise River spreads beautifully onto its floodplain in Caldwell. Photo Liz Paul
There’s quite a flow over the diversion dam at the steel bridge in Caldwell. Photo Liz Paul